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The need for a Conservation Management Plan for Blundells Flat and Shannons Flat, ACT was prompted by the 2003 bushfires in Canberra, which burnt out all but one of the ACT historic arboreta, including the historically significant poplar arboretum at Blundells Flat. Concerned about loss of natural and cultural heritage, Friends of the ACT Arboreta (FACTA) obtained a grant through the Bushfire Recovery Program to examine options for the recovery of the arboretum at Blundells. FACTA engaged heritage professional Mark Butz to undertake the study, the results of which appear in the publication entitled Blundells Flat area ACT: management of natural and cultural heritage values. Background study for the Friends of ACT Arboreta, Canberra. 2004

This report formed the basis of a comprehensive paper presented by Mark at the Society’s 2004 conference at Augusta in Western Australia [papers from this conference will soon be available on the Society’s website]. Due to the Society’s interest in the role of arboreta in Australia’s forest history, discussions were held with Mark regarding additional research into Blundells Flat arboreta. The Society then applied for and received a grant from the 2004-2005 ACT Heritage Grants Program to prepare a Conservation Management Plan For Blundells Flat And Shannons Flat.

Mark Butz has prepared this plan over a number of years, but it has only recently been finalised and is now available for download on the Society’s website. It is a detailed and carefully researched document providing an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the complex interweaving of nature and culture in the history of human settlement in the ACT. Users of the report should abide by normal copyright laws.

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